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Heel? Obedience foundations? Puppy Socialization?

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Obedience Foundations

Taught in Puppy Socialization, Puppy Jr High and most private sessions

Name - Attention Command - Build conditioned response

Attention Command - Practice

Charging “Yes” marker

Following Lure (baited hand)

Position Feeding

Switch Game

Building value in blanket “place”

Tuna Brownies Recipe

Pattern Games

Taught in Leash Reactivity and privates. Used to solve many behavior challenges

Find it/Find me

1-2-3 Treat

Basic Obedience

Stay Progression

Sit & Release

Add Duration

Add Distance

Mix Distance & Duration

Add Distraction



Why little dogs don’t let you catch them

Attention/Recall Increasing Distractions

Long Line Practice

Pro tip

Puppy Ping Pong


If your dog isn’t excited when they see it, you are doing it wrong

Turn on remote

Turn on collar

Set to continuous

Set to tone

Fading the long line

Is it painful?


Lure into position

Build Duration

Heel/Leash Walking

Loose Leash Walking

Following a baited hand in front

Luring into heel position “finish”

Front & Finish

Inside turn

Outside turn

Figure 8

Position feeding in heel


Teach command

Leave it

Getting a solid start

Go to Place

Introduce/build value


Leadership & Dominance

The Behavior Problem Nobody Talks About

Treat & Retreat

Climb Lead & Pivot

Invisible Dog

How to hold leash

Impulse control

Position Feeding

Resource guarding prevention

Sensory Games (brain & confidence development)

Used in Puppy Development


Find it/Blanket

Find it/Hats


Pogo Sticks

Wobble Board

Social Development -

Making your puppy into the greatest dog they can be

The essentials for all the rest of your training

What is Socialization?

Socialization is complicated. Here’s a simple way to get it right

Social Skills - How do I know if the play is OK?

Self Handicapping

Enrichment Ideas

Teaching Fetch

Enrichment Hack - Find as many surfaces in a small space as you can

Play where there are logs!

At home agility

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